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Performance modelling, management and improvement
Strategic modelling and optimization
Industry and markets modelling, analysis and scenario planning
Strategic Laboratory


Winning Approach to Unlocking Value Exploration and Value Innovation: the "Value Cube"


We work close with our clients to explore winning paths for value creation, improvement and innovation in a dynamic competitive environment.

By modelling firm's resource dynamics and competitor behaviour, we explore and identify where gaps and differences exist among resources and market forces, and create the right strategic paths to maximally exploit them to the advantage of our clients. Then we help our clients stretch their existing and build new dynamic cognitive capabilities and resource configurations for successful strategy design and implementation.

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Value Creation and Innovation by Dynamic Strategy Optimization



Performance Management by Dynamic Resource  Configuration

The business strategy optimization service that we offer is based on a unique Dynamic Strategy Optimization Decision Support System.                            

This system allows managers to search, articulate, find and implement optimal strategies among alternative structural and functional strategic paths and courses af action.

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The Dynamic Performance Management System for Value Improvement and Control can be tailored perfectly to the client needs and performance objectives.

It can relate to all or any individual key functional competences like Financial, Business Alliances, Customer, Human Resources, and Production Systems.

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