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Strateggo consultants apply a highly sophisticated analytical framework: the "Value Cube" Strategy

We have developed a new analytical methodology which is unique in its effectiveness when applied to solving business, organizational and policy issues related to strategic management, performance optimization and value creation and innovation.

This analytical methodology is based on and has received the acknowledgement of high level academic and organizational management research, for the advancement of key contemporary findings and concepts in the fields of resource-based theory of the firm, dynamic resource management and dynamic capabilities, configurational theory of organizations and competitive advantage, managerial cognition and complex adaptive systems. 

The "Value Cube" strategy itself consists of the following elements which acting together reinforce its highly impactful application:

  • The 4-C Paradigm

  • The FACES 3D Organizational Coordinate System

  • The SAFE ARCS Process


The "Value Cube" Strategy: How To Outperform Rivals by Mastering Strategic Foresight

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