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Dynamic Performance Modelling and Management



Business performance modelling and management service that we offer is based on a unique Dynamic Performance Management Framework for Value Improvement and Control, from the moment of search and choice between alternative stategic decisions and resource configurations, until their implementation for creation and transformation of sustainable economic and stakeholder value.

The creation of the Dynamic Performance Management System for Value Improvement and Control is inspired by the latest academic and business research achievements, which we strive to implement to the benefit of our clients businesses. The system combines key concepts from the system dynamics field, the resource based theory of the firm, competitive strategy dynamics and decision making based on resource configuration anticipation, orchestration and control.

The Dynamic Performance Management System for Value Improvement and Control can be tailored perfectly to the client needs and performance objectives. It can be implemented as a holistic decision support system within the organization ecompassing all of its key five functional competences: Financial, Business Alliences, Customer, Human Resources, and Production Systems.

Or, it can be applied only to a chosen core competence of any company. No matter how we apply the system, its goal is to support managerial decision making by providing means for performance forecasting and resource configuration probing and control. This system can transform value creation processes in an unique way giving companies a tool for dynamic value navigation in an uncertain and turbulent environment.


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