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Scientific approach to strategic management and performance optimisation

We combine such fields of expertise so that we can give our clients the best services they can expect: High level of practical research in strategic management, modelling and simulation and a profound knowledge of the market dynamics of a wide range of industry sectors like pharmaceuticals and healthcare, banking and finance, fast moving consumer goods etc. We provide an evidence-based, scientific approach to strategic management and performance optimization.

Our experience of more than 10 years in various markets comes from working with global and national companies from banking and finance, healthcare and life sciences, fast moving consumer market dynamics, cosmetics, press and electronic media, food and beverage, telecommunications and web commerce etc. on major issues like product portfolio optimization, pricing strategies, value-based marketing and product performance optimization, product regulation and policy support, strategic human resources management, optimal resource configuration for value innovation and performance improvement, investor strategy development and public policy design.

The framework that we employ is proven to be highly effective by research in top companies and business schools around the world.

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Guiding you through the complexity of strategic decisions and competing choices


Strateggo is driven by a team of highly qualified partners and consultants in the fields such as strategic management, law, finance, marketing and sales, performance improvement, organizational development, information technologies and other. Also, we maintain a focused network of international experts and partners, experienced in strategic and operational management consulting and industry and competitor analysis.

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Advising for the public and social good

Strateggo consultants are always passionate to engage in pro bono projects for the public and social good.

This is why we have established our Pro Bono Programme under which we advise non-government and non-comercial organizations on projects that are related to improving the well being of our society.

Our priority areas include health care, education, arts and culture, environment and sustainable development.

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Partnering for global reach and local expertise

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Sharing efforts for joint research projects

We have developed our Research Programme to explore opportunities for mutually beneficial high level research by joint business, public policy and educational research projects.

Our priority research areas are connected to the central themes of managing dynamic resource systems, foreseeing their dynamic interrelations and optimizing system performance.

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Explore a flexible range of opportunites

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