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An Interconnected Global System

At Strateggo we see the world as an interconnected global system of dynamic resources and factors which jointly effectuate the behavior of local internal and external business, economic, social and environmental subsystems.

Global and local behavior is depending on the intra- and inter-dynamics based on all endogenous factors and causing exogenous effects through feedback circular interrelations. Circularity and interconnectedness is driving the growth and decline of any resource systems, which is why the essential need of managing resource dynamics is forming a new type of management practice adapting for the future.


Leading On The Right Path to Value Creation and Value Innovation

Our mission is to lead businesses and organizations on the right path to value creation and value innovation in the most sustainable way. Businesses and social ecosystems are searching for growth and development routes to create value for the future, but value can be created only if valuable resources are managed in a dynamic and efficient way.

Valuable resources should be built, renewed, aligned and orchestrated in dynamic sets of configurations to be able to address internal and external system needs. That’s why the core of our management consulting practice is modelling resource dynamics. Only by modelling resource dynamics organizations can simulate and foresee the causal relationships and would-be effects of their alternative decisions and actions, and be able to optimize the whole systems' behavior.